Other Class Info

Check-Out Policies    

Every student, staff member and parent is eligible to receive library check-out privileges. Simply stop by the library during the school day to register. All items are checked out for a one week period of time, but renewals are allowed if an item is not on hold. The number of allowable check-outs is as follows.

  • Students: 1 print item and 1 ebook at a time
  • Parents: 1 print item and 1 ebook at a time
  • Classified Staff: 3 print items and 1 ebook at one time
  • Teachers: unlimited print and ebook usage

Ebooks are available for use by all students, teachers, staff and parents. This item automatically checks itself back in after 1 week. Students have been instructed on how to check out and read ebooks using a chromebook, and also on how to access their checkouts on their personal devices when they are not at school. Students can continue to check out ebooks even if their check out privileges for printed items have been restricted.

Additionally, 4th and 5th graders are allowed to check out one Playaway audio book at a time, with the permission of their parents, for a one week time period.