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 Starfall ABC's

 Kinderweb Games

Online Coloring

1 2 3 Counting

Alphabet Goop

Alphabet Match

Club Penguin

Fun School


NumberTime (BBC)

Math Games

Kindergarten Activities


Sheppard Software Activities

 Gamequarium (100 days Activities)

ABC Mouse

Coloring 4 All

Easter Activities

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First Grade


Language Arts   Science Social Studies Special
Basic Math Basic Language Arts Basic Science Basic Social Studies

Dance Mat Typing 

Math Games

 Starfall ABC's

What's In The Bag? Tennessee for Kids

North Pole

Connect the Dots Super Why! 

As The Earth Turns

Egyptian Tomb Adventure Sheppard Activities 
Math Facts Practice To 20 Word Sorts Sunrise, Sunset The Mummy Maker

Hanukkah Puzzle

Skip Counting

What's The Word?

What's In The Sky? Magic School Bus

Hanukkah Countdown Game

Everyday Math Games Mix and Fix Snuffy's Safari (Habitat) Magic Tree House Hanukkah Coloring Page
Count Us In


Find Different Earth Materials Mummy Christmas Games
Count Along to 100 Fuzzy Lion Ears Science Modules   100th Day of School
Penny Prizes Silent e Game Sid the Science Kid   Valentine's Day Games
Counting Money Short "a" Chicken Stacker Weather Dress The Bear   Starfall Valentine's Day
Practice Measuring
Make Different Weather Scenes  

Coloring 4 All

Busy Bees
Find the Animal That Doesn't Belong Dr. Seuss   Seussville
Count Back Number Line Singular or Plural? The Lorax Saves The Trees Game Dr. Seuss   Halloween Coloring Page
Buzzing With Shapes Painting Letters Dr. Seuss      Halloween Games
Carnival Cars Jan Brett Computer Games     Halloween Matching Game
Build-a-saurus Word Transformer (Silent e)     ABC Ya!
Willy The Watchdog Storyline     Gamequarium 
High Rise Math Spelling City     Disney
Count the Findows in Windows Dr. Seuss HicksSpelling City     Easter Activities
Patterning Dr. Seuss  
  Fun School
IXL Math Practice  
  Club Penguin
Numbertime (BBC)  Storytime       Squigly's Playhouse
1st Grade Math Activities   Sheppard Activities      The First Thanksgiving 
Math Games        Online Coloring  
PearsonSuccess         Brain Pop, Junior 

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